The intention of Wonder Poetry is to open an inquiry into life’s BIG questions in a way that is engaging, intriguing and fun.  To  evoke discussion and discovery for families, communities, classrooms, couples and friends!


We currently have one published book and two more in the works.
Check them out below!


Have you Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered what came before you?
Just where you were hanging and what did you do?
Before you were born, and before you were here?
Before you had arms, legs, a nose and an ear?

Watch and listen to the book here!

Are Gender Labels Simply Fables?

We live in a world with a huge population
About seven billion by my calculation.
We sort into all different classifications,
By race, by religion, by our education,
By caste and by creed and by colour of skin,
By country, by age, by what clubs we are in.
But of all of the groupings and stratifications,
The simplest, most basic of all permutations
Is the one that’s assigned when we first are conceived
When two cells do conspire and life is achieved!
And what are the very first words we all hear?
When we enter this world it is said loud and clear.
“It’s a girl! It’s a boy! It’s that message that’s first.
And with those simple words in the world we’re immersed
Into long standing structures of how we must be
And what is expected by social decree.

When Time Runs Away on Me Where Does it Go?

Sometimes I wonder and really don’t know
When Time runs away on me where does it go?
To China for noodles?
To France to walk poodles?
To school to draw doodles?
To Belgium for strudels?
Where is it the minutes and hours all hide?
Wherever it is, Time’s not on my side.

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