Jan 262012

My intention for this week is to focus on following my impulses. Wondering about the patterns of my life that have created such an ingrained habit of NOT following my impulses. And as I talk about it, others appear in my life who don’t follow theirs either! Seems to be an epidemic ….

So what stops me from following my impulses? Fear of being wrong, judgement about the validity of the impulse, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of looking silly/stupid/overbearing, beliefs that my thoughts/ideas/stories are not valuable to anyone else, fear that the timing is not right. I imagine there is more.

Now, before I go any further let me clarify that I am not talking about impulses which, if followed, would result in extreme forms of action or harm to other people. I’m talking about the impulse to offer an observation, the impulse to engage with someone, the impulse to get up and move, the impulse to take quiet time to yourself, the impulse to offer a hug, or a kleenex, or a flower.

So an impulse arises, quickly followed by one or more of the stops listed above, the impulse isn’t followed and the moment passes. And an opporunity to enrich someone’s life, the opportunity to be seen, the opportunity to send a ripple into the world, passes with it. And life moves on.

What if, instead, all of those impulses were followed? By all of us? Would we all end up in a mosh pit of excess impulse following? Unlikely! I envision a vastly expanding energy of joy and gratitude and growth and discovery and love. Because those impulses come from somewhere deep inside us, beneath the judgments and the appropriateness filters. From somewhere pure and true.

And the world can only benefit from more pure and true.

Following my impulse to post this!


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  1. Following your heart smilpy means happiness! Keep posting inspiring stories and cliche..I love ur pics posted in ur blog!

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